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"I am so very appreciative of Heather Burgett’s hard work to put my Legacy Plan in the spotlight of the U.S. and international media.”

     - Mama Sarah Obama, U.S. President Barack Obama's Grandmother

“I have found you [Heather Burgett] to be a lovely person to deal with, and I appreciate the work that you have done.”  

           - Jon Anderson, legendary voice of rock group YES 


“Heather is doing a great job and has been amazing.”  

          - Diana Jenkins, CEO, Neuro Drinks and the SDJ International Human Rights Project

“You were not only a joy to work with, but you got us incredible results—way overdelivering on our expectations.” 

     - Eric Doctorow, CEO, Random Media (Regarding "Landing Up" feature film PR release campaign)


”We secured distribution for our film, and we wouldn’t even be in this position if it weren’t for Heather Burgett’s guidance, support and PR wisdom!”

     - Matt Knudsen, producer/writer/director, “Cassidy Red" (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

"Thanks for all you've done for us. You made Pars Equality Center and I shine in both the Iranian and American Communities.  We gained so much success and publicity because of you. Looking forward to our work and special projects in the next year and beyond."

     - Bita Daryabari, philanthropist and executive director, Pars Equality Center


"Thank you for your tremendous support over the years. You have been instrumental in creating 'my story' both for Suite 100 and Creative Registry—the success definitely could not be had without you."

     - Susan Manrao, CEO, Susan Manrao Design 


"...Heather Burgett who has enthusiastically and amiable managed my public relations and countless other projects with the utmost grace and diplomacy.  You are my sounding board."

          - Acknowledgement from author Lisa Gaché for her debut book, 24 Karat Etiquette (p. 262) 


"I had been negotiating with four PR agencies before I choose to work with The Burgett Group. It was the best decision I made in the past year. Heather Burgett is probably the most reliable and honest PR professional in LA. Her and her team's tremendous efforts have had incredible results for my product and my company. Landing my product on Adam Lambert for Clive Davis' pre-Grammy's party was a total coup!  I could not be happier."  

         - Gabor Norman, CEO, G-CUT / G-TIE

“It is the first time I can sincerely say that paying for PR has provided actual results.  I have truly enjoyed working together.  As always, you have been tremendously helpful, supportive, patient and kind—my rock!”

          - Lisa Gaché, CEO, Beverly Hills Manners


"Heather has proven her worth over and over again.  Showing she can perform under the highest degree of scrutiny and most difficult of circumstances—with results that exceed all expectations. Her contributions to U.S. Doctors For Africa, whether providing PR services for a Gala fundraiser or welcoming the wives of 15 country leaders, have been enormous and above and beyond what was expected of her and her team.  Heather is a consummate professional, who takes great pride in her work and her work product,  and I have been very fortunate  to be able to use her services for so many different events." 

         - Anthony Severini, entrepreneur and producer for USDFA


“Heather, when it comes to aggressive-but-polite PR campaign pushes, I've already seen the proof.  You're the best.  And most importantly, I trust you.  In my opinion, bigger companies could never really gain a client's trust.  The words ‘big PR company’ to me equate to: over-booked workloads, insufficient personal client contact and less attention to client projects. Your company equates to the opposite.  You are fantastic at creating buzz and getting the word out there.”  

         - Dave Parsa, CEO, David Parsa Films




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